If left untreated, asphalt pavement will deteriorate repidly. The asphalt binder that holds the pavement together begins to oxidize and weather soon after installation. Moisture penetrates the asphalt causing further damage and deterioration to the pavement. The product we use replentishes the binder that is lost through weathering and aging, and provides superior protection against environmental distress.

We extend the useful lifetime of asphalt roads, parking lots, and driveways. Every time an asphalt surface is replaced, new raw materials are used and heavy-duty equipment is required. Both processes generate large amounts of CO2 which contribute to air pollution. Also, every time the Earth is disturbed, new sources of runoff (some natural and some pollutants) flow into our waterways and eventually into our drinking water. This affects mankind directly in our breathing and ingestion. Possibly even worse than that are the indirect effects on the ecosystems around us, destroying the balance and benefit they have on the environment, causing long term issues for generations to come. By protecting the surface of your asphalt, we improve the duration that it lasts. Save the environment and save replacement costs by working with us today.

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